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Executive Summary
K&N’s is one of a kind in Pakistan and has come forward with a new perspective about frozen food in our society. K&N’s has shown sensitivity to the Muslim requirements of halal food products and introduced its Deli Line so that the people have no more doubts and are comfortable consuming the skinless sausages, cold cuts and smoked meat. The company implements the marketing strategy with immense skill and understanding about the Pakistani society and is therefore successful amongst the masses that it targets. The four P’s of marketing are incorporated without a hitch and the products of Deli Line are easy to use, reliable and easily available with great taste and reasonable prices. It has to be kept in mind that Deli Line products are only aimed towards the social classes A+, A and B and so K&N’s is successful and quite popular. Upon conducting a research it was identified that the brand name of K&N’s has become so strong that advertising on TV is not only the reason for the purchase of the products. It is all dependent on the marketing strategies that were employed at the time when K&N’s penetrated the consumer food items market.

K&N’s started in 1964 as a supporting pillar for the Pakistani poultry industry. It emerged with a single-minded purpose to provide better nutrition for the health and happiness of the nation. With its poultry expertise and commitment to food safety, K&N’s has integrated all poultry production on one platform and is bringing safe and healthy chicken. This is done by managing and controlling all stages of production. History of K&N’s:

In 1964, Pakistan was a young and independent nation escaping the difficult past and trying to attain self sufficiency in food production. Malnutrition was a huge problem with infant mortality rate high and children being affected with diseases due to the deficiency of protein, vitamins and minerals. Poultry production was identified as the quickest and least expensive way to bridge the protein gap and overcome malnutrition. It was high time that backyard poultry farming had to move to a more professional level. Khalil Sattar, while still a college student, had the vision to see the need to establish a poultry farm. He started a small broiler farm with a thousand chickens which was the foundation of K&N’s today. This was how K&N’s was inspired with the objective of providing better nutrition for the health and happiness of the nation. With all production activities under one roof, K&N’s strived to ensure quality and food safety by its meticulous control and management of all production stages and introduced to the Pakistani market its first range of branded frozen chicken products including the ready-to-cook products in 2001. Today K&N’s is the first and only HACCP certified company in Pakistan making chicken products. All over the world, safety of frozen products is very essential and is known to be one of the most difficult targets to achieve. This is because the operational requirements differ with the difference in microbial contamination to be handled from region to region. K&N’s is on all time alerts when it comes to poultry industry. KFC, one of the most popular franchises, is supplied by K&N’s and this achievement is one of the main reasons why K&N’s has become the choice of the consumers. Brands of the Year Award

One of the main things that customers look for is quality in frozen foods and is reflected in the consumer surveys, where quality is rated as the highest amongst all other factors. When it comes to frozen foods, if quality is not acceptable and all the other parameters are being met, there is no use for the product because it can be fatal for its consumers. K&N’s is equated with top quality and has hence become one of the most acceptable brands. Brand familiarity is rated as high which indicates effective marketing, sales and advertising efforts....
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