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K to 12 Program

By | Feb. 2012
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Aside from Mongolia, we are the only country left that still operates a 10 – year basic education cycle. It is also a fact that this system produces graduates who are too young to be productive, too unskilled to be gainfully employed and too unprepared to face the challenges of the 21st century world of work. These disadvantages result to the extension of the basic education cycle. The need had been sounded many years before which is now being answered. But is the 12 – year education system the real answer?

Education theorists and practitioners believe that from 850 to 100 hours of instruction per year must be the benchmark of class hours. An additional time would mean better acknowledgement by the students and would result to better performance so the curriculum designed for 12 years can offer learners more time to assimilate what is being taught. Yet, despite this curriculum’s huge potential, should we focus more with the real crux of the matter?

Quality education is the most essential factor that would affect an individual’s performance. But this is what the Philippines lacks, for we are encountering serious gaps in school facilities and even in the teachers alone. Fr. Bienvido Nebres once said “This all sounds very nice but when you get to the ground, it does not make sense. Keep your solutions simple. Look at the problems in 10 years and fix those problems first. Please leave the basic system alone. These are other pressing problems to attend to.”These words should have awakened the sleeping minds of the Department of Education who has a lot of work to do. Instead of reserving plenty of money for this new curriculum, should we use the money first for the improvement of the Philippine educational features? Some schools are offering high tuition and miscellaneous fees causing many youth especially the poor to disregard enrolling of the said schools. Until now, teachers are still demanding for a higher salary. The alarming increase on...

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