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A Research Paper Presented to
The Faculty of the Department of English and Literature
College of International Relations
Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila
Intramuros, Manila

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Course
ENGN12A: Writing in the Discipline

Cablinan, Avril Janna T.
Codamon, Dyan Ashley B.
Deato, Jaimee A.
Lara, Anwil Janel G.
Soco, Jessel G.

August 18, 2012

The research paper entitled, “PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT OF PROGRAMS BY THE LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY-MANILA TO COUNTER THE EFFECTS OF THE K TO 12 PROGRAM,” prepared and submitted by Cablinan, Avril Janna T., Codamon, Dyan Ashley B., Deato, Jaimee A., Lara, Anwil Janel G., Soco, Jesselin partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course ENGN12A: Writing in the Discipline is hereby recommended for approval and acceptance.

October 8, 2012
Date Joan E. Flores
Research Instructor

The researchers would like to acknowledge the following people who made this research a great possibility and success:
a. To Almighty God, for blessing us with the necessary knowledge and capabilities to be able to accomplish this research;
b. To our parents, who endlessly supported us throughout the endeavors of our research and provided us with all the financial needs;
c. To our adviser, Ms. Joan E. Flores, for guiding us throughout the process of making our research;
d. To Ms. Carolyn Quibas, for providing us all the necessary information about the preparation of the Guidance and Testing Center for K to 12;
e. To Ms. Rizalina R. Benico, for enlightening us about the financial status of the university;
f. To Ms. Jennifer D. Tucpi, for providing us information as well as clarifying some points regarding the planned programs of the university to counter the effect of the K to 12 program.

This research paper is dedicated to the following:
a. to the teachers of LPU-Manila, who will hopefully gain some useful information about the programs planned by the university to counter the effects of K to 12;
b. to the students, who could take some interest about the programs of LPU-Manila;
c. to our families, for providing us all the necessary love and concern; without them, this research would not have been a success.
d. to LPU-Manila, who should be recognized for all of its efforts to give its students the best quality of education
e. to the parents, who could benefit in the planning and development programs of the school especially on the graduate program course.

The K to 12 education program which has been implemented this year would have its full effects on colleges and universities by the school year 2016-2017. In which on that year, there is no expected or there is decreased entrance of freshmen students. The following years will be a domino effect wherein there will be no more freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. In line with the decreased population of college students is also the decrease of tuition fees where the colleges and universities like the Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila depend on mainly for finance. In LPU-Manila, the freshmen population comprises a huge part of the enrollment or approximately 25% of the total population. The expected financial troubles could also result to the unemployment of some teachers especially for the general education subjects because of the absence of students to teach. There is also an expected change of curriculum for the additional 2 years would mean that the students have already taken up some subjects in the senior high school which would mean they would not already take it in college.

The researchers then interviewed some important personnel of the school to gather...
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