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“K-POP Culture”
*It only shows that OPM can't beat KPOP. And the bad thing is they already imitating KPOP like Down to Mars, and yet they can't make it on top. Magaganda naman ang OPM like PNE & others mas marami lang talagang handang gumagastos at suportahan ang KPOP. (http://www.facebook.com/x.WE.LOVE.KPOP.x?fref=ts) *Korean Pop/ Kpop on Philippine Music Essay

Below is a free essay on "Korean Pop/ Kpop on Philippine Music" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Kpop growing rapidly in the Philippines?
What are the good effects and influence of Kpop to Filipinos?

It's just another window of opportunity for Philippines, but would be just a window for a long time to come. There are plenty of opportunities to develop bubble pop in Phil, but what record company and/or producer would want to take the risk due to extensive piracy and a general lack of appreciation for intellectual property; they just wouldn't make enough through album/mp3 or concert sales.

Filipino english fluency (more than most other asian nations) lessens the demand for creative tagalog songwriting. Why would you spend 12 expensive hours in a studio producing a fresh tagalog song that has no guarantee of major success, when you can spend 3 hrs renditioning a meaningful American standard sung by filipinos alike?

Then there's the music videos. Since Korea generates some of the most passionate visual designers and directors on an international level (them Korean names in the visual effects credits), Kpop HEAVILY relies on appealing MVs to promote their material and are a step ahead in that department. "Nobody" wouldn't have been as popular if it weren't for carefully chosen choreography and themes.

Kpop or Korean pop and Ppop Philippines pop. Korean pop start on the Korea and many Filipino for today are admire,amaze and appreciate the Korean pop not only by the Korean pop but also by the Korean culture. an influence...
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