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Topics: K-pop, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Do you guys know is SNSD, Super Junior, T-ara and Big Bang? I believe that everyone is familiar with these popular K-pop groups. The Kpop fever is not only spread to Asian countries but also in Europe countries too. However, does anyone know about the evolution of Kpop? In 1995, the founding of South Korea's largest talent agency, S.M. Entertainment, by Korean entrepreneur Lee Soo Man led to the first K-pop girl groups and boy bands followed by YG, DSP and JYP Entertainment. In late 2000, the music scene was totally different from what it is today. H.O.T. and Shinhwa are the famous boy groups who specialized in dance music while G.O.D more on contempory style. On the girls’ side, we had the big three groups, Fin.K.L, S.E.S. and Baby V.O.X.

Back in the day, Korean pop music fell into two categories: dance or ballad. Ballad is always an important genre in any music, especially in Asia. In Korea, most of the ballads have a sad theme. Ballad artists of course put their emphasis on singing and how well they perform the song. In the early days, the average age of most ballad artists was in their mid to late 20s and some in their 30s. 

The influx of the R&B genre changed K-Pop forever. Do you know why? It is because in the starting as early as the mid- to late 1990s, many Koreans returned home from overseas. Among them were musicians who grew up in America listening to R&B music. They bought this genre home to Korea with them. Solid and Park Jung Hyun were part of them. In 2001, Brown Eyes, debuting as a faceless group, started to revolutionize the Korean R&B genre. Without any appearances on music shows, Brown Eyes still managed to sell over one million copies of their debut album, and the song “Already One Year” became a classic hit.

Besides that, hip-hop is another genre that is getting more and more popular. Like R&B in the early days, Korean hip-hop also had a lot of Western influences. In 2004, the debut of MC Mong introduced a...
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