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Update Report from the President
(September – December 2010)

Organizational Strengthening and Capability-Building

▪ Report on the 2010 CEAP National Convention (22 – 24 September 2010, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City)

The 2010 CEAP National Convention held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel in Lahug, Cebu was successfully concluded with no less than 2,748 delegates from the 1,290 member-schools of the CEAP, at least 52 experts and specialists in ecology and environment as well as education luminaries, and officers and members of the Catholic Church led by the president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of thePhilippines, His Excellency, Most Reverend Nereo Odchimar.

On the second day, at least 12 best practices on environment were presented by selected schools in the morning and 22 concurrent sessions on the theme and issues affecting school administration inthe afternoon. The convention was enriched by the wonderful cultural

presentations of the students of the University of San Jose Recoletos.

Convention delegates also witnessed the signing of a partnership agreement with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) for the nationwide implementation of Generation Redemption and Expansion of Natural Resources Initiatives in the Philippine (GREENIN'Philippines). Another agreement was signed with the Knowledge Channel Foundation Inc. aimed at assisting selected small and mission schools of the CEAP deliver quality learning and teaching materials through multimedia. Finally, new members of CEAP were announced.

The 2010 CEAP National Convention was considered by delegates as one of the best conventions held in the history of the CEAP. (See full article in the CEAP Bulletin)

▪ 2011 CEAP National Convention (23 – 25 September 2011, Davao City)

The 2011 CEAP National Convention which shall focus on the theme of “Peace” will be on 23- 25 September 2011 in Davao City. Initial plans have been drawn with the help of advocates and friends under the leadership of the Programs and Scholarship Committee Chairperson, Fr. Antonio F. Moreno, SJ, CEAP Vice-President.

The first notice for the 2011 CEAP National Convention will be released by the third week of February 2011 to allow schools to include the 2011 convention in their plans for the next school year.

▪ Update on the CEAP By-Laws

The CEAP National Board in its meeting last 15 December 2010 threshed out all the pending issues pertinent to the CEAP By-laws. As it was given the mandate to finalize all the amendments to the By-laws during the General Assembly last 23 September 2010 following the extensive regional consultation meetings conducted in the last two years, the Board shall within the month send a copy of the By-laws to all the school heads/representatives.

The amended CEAP By-laws is a milestone achievement of the association as it is a product of consultation and consensus-building that clarified the operating principles and regionalization initiatives of CEAP. More than the document as a final product, it is the process of revisiting and studying the By-laws which has to be valued by the association as it continues to write its history as the largest educational association in the country fulfilling the teaching function of the Catholic Church.

▪ National Commissions and Committees of CEAP Organized

In the Organizational Meeting last 23 September 2010 of the newly-elected CEAP National Board, the Commissions and Committees were constituted to allow for the continuity of plans and programs of these national bodies. Attachment B lists the composition of these commissions and committees. Proposals, suggestions and recommendations may be forwarded to these bodies through the National Secretariat. The mandate and composition of these bodies have been clarified in the amended CEAP By-laws and it is expected that all the regional units of CEAP will...
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