K-12 Reaction Paper

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Reyes, Jeneth K. BSED- English
Reaction Paper No. 13

K to 12: More than just decongesting the curriculum

K to 12, though already implemented, is still a major issue in the country. Filipino people cannot accept the fact that our education is now prolonged. Some are arguing that K to 12 is not the solution to improve the quality of education; while the others’ concern is to lessen the burden of the parents and children particularly those who are living in poverty. Well, for me I cannot blame these people and they are not being pessimistic because what they only want is to have an assurance of a better and long term future based from the decisions that our government is making. I am not against K to 12 because I believe that it will be a benefit for me since I will be a teacher next year. But I would also like to clarify some programs under K to 12 that create confusion to the people. One of the essential components of K to 12 is the implementation of Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE) in which the first language will be the medium of instruction from Kinder up to Grade 3. I am certain that this MTBMLE is also beneficial. Studies show that students learn better when taught in their native language than in a foreign tongue. Through the use of the mother tongue, it will develop their reasoning skills and higher thinking skills of the students. Pupils can easily express their different views and ideas during class discussion. Further, students will understand their lessons better; at the same time infuse a sense of nationalism and they will also gain fluency in their L1. Now, after stating the advantages, what about the disadvantages? The implementation of MTBMLE will demand more time to translate books into different dialects knowing that Tagalog is not the only dialect that Filipino people speak. We should consider the truth that having a single language that everyone could speak and understand is better than having...
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