K-12 Curriculum in the Philippines

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Due to the government’s lack of budget, facilities, and teachers, the K-12 curriculum will be hard to implement. The Philippines is need of better education, not more education. The problem of poor education should be solved first. The Department of Education (DepEd), it is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for the management and governing of the Philippine system of basic education, should first ensure the people that the quality of their education is excellent.

The problem of basic education in the Philippines is not the length, but the content. Actually, earlier than the K-12 curriculum, the DepEd started updating the way the students are taught. The Understanding by Design (UBD) was introduced as a tool for preparing lesson plans. The original authors of the UBD, Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe, state that the UBD is not good for preparing lesson plans. The DepEd should fix the current curriculum for better education, instead of adding new subjects which will probably increase the problem of poor quality education. The curriculum in the Philippines from the past is not good, and the new K-12 curriculum will only add complication to our present education system. The government should focus on fixing the current curriculum before adding major changes so the people would know if the change is necessary and beneficial.

Another problem concerning the implementation of the K-12 curriculum is the cost. “The government does not have the money to fully support today’s ten years. The DepEd should first solve the lack of classrooms, furniture and equipment, qualified teachers, and error-free textbooks.” (Cruz, The K+12 debate, 2010). The government must be prepared for the costs of the implementation of the K-12 curriculum. Keep in mind that the parents are also going to spend more money for their children’s education. Also, a major concern is the qualification of teachers. As a matter of fact, teachers are the reason as to why we are...
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