K-12 Curriculum

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…key to progress of education system in the Philippines?
Recently, our school had a debate about the K-12 CURRICULUM IN THE PHILIPPINES. The way I see the living in our country, I say NO to the newly implemented education system. Reflect on many problems we have. -POVERTY

* One of the biggest problems we Filipinos suffer. In reality, PHILIPPINES IS NOT A POOR COUNTRY. The problem is that wrong people mismanage and misgovern the budget of our country. Because of this mismanagement, citizens suffer and pay the price. And now, they’re implementing this curriculum that would be another burden to us Filipinos. If 10 years is already a big thing for parents, then what more is 12 years of sending their children to schools? Yes, there are public schools all around our country, but think about it. Many parents are minimum-wage-earners and aside from the education of their children, there are still other important things included in their monthly budget. So why add 2 more years in the basic education of an average Filipino?

Lack of Excellent teachers
* In our present time, we see that teachers are indemand and in the curriculum they implemented, teachers are needed. MORE EXCELLENT teachers are needed to be able to produce globally competitive students. There are many taking Education as their course but where are they? Most of them are working overseas. A proof that Philippines doesn’t need to adopt the education system of other countries for Filipinos to be successful and productive citizens. Now that K-12 program is already in use, the government should figure out how and where can they get the people to produce competitive, bright students. Lack of facilities, classrooms and equipments

* We all have to accept the fact that in terms of facilities, classrooms and equipments in the schools in the Philippines, our country is...
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