J M W Turner

Topics: Painting, Landscape art, History of painting Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 3, 2012
J. M. W. Turner is one of Britain's most popular artists who showed exceptional artistic talent from his early age and entered the Royal Academy at fourteen. His landscape paintings made him popular regardless of a darker side to his paintings that were made big issues by critiques. He became a well-celebrated artist despite of the difficulties he came across in life. Even being born in family of a Garden barber, he became very famous for his works such seascape and landscape. His success seems very exceptional while we consider that he did not have enough schooling, yet he brought revolution in the art. Although Turner was brought up in the 18th century academic culture, he became painter of romantic sublime. Turner is mostly recognized as the 19th century's greatest landscape painter. His interest in the powers of nature was portrayed into canvas. As a popular Romantic painter focusing mainly on color and lighting, Turner's works influenced the Impressionist movement. He is considered as an influential painter and is said to be the best landscapist of the 19th century. Turner was also a key inspiration for the Impressionist movement. He is most famous for his original interpretations of bringing light and color to his paintings. Turner displayed an evident evolution in his painting style throughout his long career. Though he stayed true to the genre of landscape, as his career progressed he began to pay less attention to the details of objects and landscape and more attention to the effects of light and color. He became increasingly fascinated with natural and atmospheric elements. His oil paintings and watercolors are considered very powerful. His paintings such as Rain, Steam and have are popular especially in Britain. Rain, Steam and Speed is oil in canvas. In his lifetime (1775-1851), he proved himself as a versatile and successful painter of nineteenth century. The romanticism is observed in a lot of his paintings. One of his romantic works is The Burning...
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