J.K Tyres and Industry Company Analysis

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Completion of the project is not a one handed affair. It needs timely guidance, co‐operation from the working members and the freedom to work. I am earnestly grateful to Mr. Kamal Manik, Dy. General Manager (Finance), JK Tyre & industries limited, New Delhi for providing me with an opportunity to undertake a project work in their esteemed organization. I would also like to thank Mr. Sanjay Arora and Ms. Namita Gulati for her constant guidance. Finally, I am deeply indebted to all the faculty members of my institute for their valuable contribution during the academic session.

(Yatin Wadhawan)

1. Executive Summary 2. Report On Project Work 2.1 Objectives of project 2.2 Scope of project 3. Company Profile 4. Industry Analysis 4.1 Micro Vs Macro Analysis 4.1.1 Global Tyre Economy 4.1.2 Indian Tyre Economy 4.1.3 Industrial Production 4.1.4 Unemployment Rate 4.2 Structure 4.2.1 Market Players 4.2.2 Market Share 4.2.3 Growth Trends 4.3 Competition analysis 4.3.1 Product Differentiation 4.3.2 Existence of Monopoly 4.3.3 Technology Advancement 4.3.4 Awards and Achievements 4.3.5 Barriers of Entry 4.3.6 Perfect Substitution 4.4 Product/Market Analysis 5. Financial statement analysis 5.1 Accounting ratios 5.2 Cash flow analysis 6. Research project 6.1 Working capital analysis 6.2 Working capital ratio analysis 6.3 SWOT analysis 7. Detailed study of the company 7.1 Human resource department 7.2 Marketing department 7.3 Finance department 8. Conclusion & Recommendations 9. Key Leanings 10. Annexure 11. References

1. Executive Summary
In this project I have tried to analyze the tyre industry through the eyes of its one of the largest industry that is JK TYRE & INDUSTRIES. The popular adage, where the rubber meets the road, stands in testimony to the successful evolution of JK Tyres & Industries into one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies in India. From its humble origins, the company has come a long way and today, stands as a behemoth. The objective of making this project report is to study the working capital of JK Tyre & Industries over the years with the help of its current assets & current liabilities and by analyzing the components of its operating cycle. Also it focuses on the financial analysis of the JK Tyres & Industries on the basis of Balance sheet, Profit &Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement and other valuable financial information. This report elucidates the financial ratio analysis focusing on the most relevant ratios which highlights the strength and weaknesses of the organization. The final part includes competitor‟s analysis with conclusion. The data used for research is in the form of Balance sheets, Profit and loss Accounts and schedules, which were available in the company‟s annual reports of last three years. Working capital management for JK Industries Ltd. has been analyzed through ratio analysis and operating cycle analysis.

2. Report on Project work

2.1 Objectives of project
The basic objectives of the study are following: ‐    To understand the concept and importance of working capital and basic needs for the proper working capital management. To find out and analyze the investment policies adopted by management to manage current assets and current liabilities. To find out and analyze the financing policies adopted by management to manage current assets and current liabilities.

2.1 Scope of project
     Studying the working capital of the company over the years by analyzing the current assets and current liabilities. Studying the different components of operating cycle individually and comparing it over the years. Analyzing the financial statements of JK organization. Comparing the competitor‟s ratios with the JK Tyre & Industries ratios and analyzing the result there off. Suggesting the major findings observed from the study for working capital o Management

3. Company Profile
The name J.K Organization, which today is one of the leading...
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