J. K. Simmons and Position Juno

Topics: Juno, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner Pages: 4 (1623 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Juno: The film begins with Juno (Ellen Page) staring at a recliner (while drinking a gallon of Sunny-D) telling the audience that it all began with a chair. We see a short flashback of Juno and her best friend, Paulie Bleeker (played by a skinny but flabby Michael Cera). Paulie sits naked in the recliner waiting for Juno. Juno takes off her underwear and sits down on him (the extent of the sex scene to keep it PG-13). Juno (whom we learn is smart and fast-mouthed throughout the movie) then goes to a convenience store to take a pregnancy test. Judging by her conversation with Rollo the clerk (small part played by Rainn Wilson), this is her third test today (hence her drinking all the Sunny-D to produce urine). The test ends up the same as the last two, she's pregnant. She calls (on her hamburger phone) her best friend, Leah. It takes Leah a few minutes to fully comprehend the realization of the position Juno is in. We see a funny clip of Paulie getting ready to run with the track team (with his trademark head and wrist bands). After he steps out of the house, he sees Juno who tells him the news. Paulie supports Juno's decision to abort the baby. Juno goes to Women Now to get an abortion. Before entering, she bumps into her classmate Su-Chin. Su-Chin is a lone protestor who quietly and nervously tries to talk Juno out of her abortion. Out of all the arguments, the one that Juno finds remotely interesting is that her baby might have fingernails by now. She encounters a snarky receptionist who tries to give her boysenberry-flavored condoms. Juno eventually decides against the abortion. She meets up with Leah and the two discuss adoption and how to break the news to Juno's dad and step mom (Mac and Bren, played by J.K. Simmons and Allison Janney). The other member of her family is her little sister Liberty Bell, whom we don't hear from much in the film. Juno breaks the news to her folks, who are disappointed but supportive. Juno tells them she wants to give the baby...
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