J.B Waston Little Albert Experience

Topics: Money, Military-industrial complex, Good Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Our military budget will stay on the rise for many reasons, like the rise of china, the threats from Iran and N. Korea, and the upcoming expansion of our military. If we are going to do something about the budget, we should not cut the military budget. We need to figure out how to get substantially more for each dollar spent. Not only in the military, but throughout our government

* While it is true that we spend nearly half of our budget on the military, ti would not cut down the debt. In order to do that, we would have to allocate funds specifically to pay it back, and it would barley be dented by a quarter of one years budget- the national debt is Huge right now (talking trillions)

In terms of feasibility, it's a good idea. The military industrial complex (Eisenhower's farewell address) has really taken over, and has driven the prices up to extreme levels. Ever hear of a spark plug model that on the market is $14 costing the military over $400? The military budget could be slashed by2/3 according to pentagon estimates if they bought at market value. most government agencies get goods for below market value, FYI.

So why not? Politics. It's very easy for an opponent to cast somebody as weak on security if they vote for a budget cut, so nobody wants to do it. Unfortunately, lengthy nuanced explanations like this do not come across well in a debate or a 30 second ad.

Edit: to the person who posed budget percentages: Try looking up more recent figures. Social security only draws single digits now, and military drew 53% in 2003, and only about 45% since. That does not include the emergency congressional allocations, meaning that it's a lot higher. *
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