J Sainsbury Plc Swot Analysis

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  • Published : May 19, 2011
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• Sainsbury's has had thirteen straight quarters of growth showing real turnaround in its business (Rigby and Braithwaite 2008). Even for 2007 it has shown an increase of 7% in turnover and a huge 450% increase in profit after tax (Annual Report 2007).

• It has an extremely experienced leadership team with Justin King, its Chief Executive receiving great praise for his work in Sainsbury's (timesonline.co.uk 2008 [online]).

• Sainsbury's seems to be very well placed on green and environmental issues due to its various recent initiatives, like buying fair-trade bananas (economist.com 2008 [online]). Furthermore its help in closing down gangmaster (Taylor 2008) has had a positive effect on the public in general. It has a positive consumer brand and it's liked by both green activists and consumers.

• It is one supermarket chain that has a clear celebrity endorsing products, leading to increased sales. "With Jamie Oliver, it has been simple for Sainsbury's to see uplifts in sales of specific ingredients that have been featured in ad campaigns. Apparently the supermarket had to order nine tons – the equivalent of two years' supply – of nutmeg to meet demand when it appeared in one of Oliver's hundred-plus ads" (Dickinson 2008).

SWOT - Weakness

• The takeover bid by the Qataris Private equity firm last year (Arnold and Politi 2008) can have some implications as people are gravitating towards British companies and the prospect of Sainsbury's being governed by a foreign firm can lead to consumers switching loyalties.

• Unlike Tesco's expansion plan (economist.com [online] 2008), Sainsbury's is not present in markets other than the UK. This can lead to trouble especially if there is some problem within food retailing in the UK or if there needs to be a source of extra growth.

SWOT - Opportunities

• Sainsbury's alternative business presents a great opportunity for future growth. Its investments in property (Killgren 2008b) and a goal of £40 million...
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