J. Edgar Hover

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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John Edgar Hoover


Period 2.4
Law enforcement 1

J. Edgar Hoover
John Edgar Hoover was the longest running director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and arguably the best. He turned the corrupt reputation of the F.B.I into a feared crime fighting agency throughout the world. He is responsible for making the F.B.I what it is today. J. Edgar Hoover was born in Washington D.C on January 1, 1885. Raised in a supportive family of two sisters and one brother, he easily excelled in school. He was an extremely active member in school. He was involved in the schools dabet team where he was known for his, “cool and relentless logic.” After attending high school at Central High, Mr. Hoover continued to better his education. He attended college at George Washington University, where he earned a masters degree in Criminal Law. During his studies at George Washington University, Hoover became interested in the career of Anthony Comstock. Comstock a United States postal worker who fought to end fraud and drugs. This became J. Edgar Hoover’s mentor.

After graduating George Washington University with honors, Hoover found work at the Department of Justice. Hoover was soon promoted to the head of the newly formed GID or General Intelligence Division of the Department of Justice. This position is arguably the position that started his lifelong contribution to modern Law Enforcement.

Following three years spent at the GID, Mr. Hoover joined Bureau of Investigation. During this time at the Bureau of Investigation Hoover drew the attention of Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone. In 1924 Attorney General Stone appointed J. Edgar Hoover as acting director of the Bureau. That same year on March...
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