J Boats Case

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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J Boats Case Summary
J Boats is one of America’s most successful and famous boat builders. In its history, the company won many awards as well as worldwide reputation. J Boats was operated and managed by five individuals and won the market because it’s distinguished strategy and products. Mission

The founders define the perspective of J Boats as “Our job is to get people excited about buying new boats and get dealers excited about selling them.” “Everything that we do and say is focused on a single boat identified by the J trademark – that’s what the customer is really interested in and what we‘re trying to sell.” The defined mission leads to the successful business strategy of J Boats. Business Strategy

The management of J Boats has a clear understanding of the competitive market dynamics in their industry and the company’s resources and capabilities. After analyzing the character of target customer, suppliers, substitute products and competitors, the founder of J Boats made some important decisions and directed J Boat becomes a successful company. * Working together with the Builder

J Boats worked in partnership with the builder TPI. Their cooperation based on trust and they worked together to find ways to reduce manufacturing costs and determine on boat price. This kind of intimate relation with builder ensures the ultimate retail price for the boat to be competitive. * Relationship with Dealers

The distribution of J Boats’ product is through independent dealer network. J Boats has aggressive, focused dealers who were the prime contact for customers. The dealers could show various models of their boats and only J Boats. Also this kind of relationship with dealers allows J Boats to manage owner community and keep customer relationship more easily. * Distinguished Products

J Boats focused on design and market new boats and sold them into local boating markets through its independent dealers around the world. The organization of the management...
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