I T Project Implementation Failures

Topics: Management, Health care, Leadership Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: November 12, 2012
I T Project Implementation Failures

HCS 483 Health care Information System

University of Phoenix

Kathleen Clark

Health care institutes usually take some plans or initiatives designed to improve the performance of the institute or move forward policy through the use of new or present information technologies. Many of these projects engage to accomplishment of a major application system, and often these projects called IT projects. Project is including implanting computerized system, registration, and order entry, scheduling and processing the discharge. Role of the management is very important for any organization to lunch new system or updating for exiting system. Research need to done thoroughly before any kind of implementations start. As a matter of fact managements need follow few steps to introduced new system to employees and customers.

• Leader ship

• Language and vision

• Connection and trust

• Incentives

• Planning ,implanting ,iterating

Memorial Health System hospital was not following those steps in order to get success on their plan. As a result Memorial Health hospital system COPE Implementation failed. Leader ship play big role for any organization. Leader need to be more focused on communication. As a leader have to more open about the change and benefit from change. Resources need to be identifying by the leader. Leader all way resolve the issues and alter the direction as needed.

Most important part of being a leader, leader must need to make sure after identify the problem monitoring the progress. Language and vision for the employees need to be understood. Employees must know after the change how it will work and play important role in their everyday work life. Organization might describe the vision, out come from the change which will be patients’ service. Example patients should be able to see the doctors with no waiting time...
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