I/O Psychology

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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Worksheet

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the fundamental concepts of the field of industrial/organizational psychology. Using the textbook, the University Library, the Internet, and/or other resources, answers the following questions. Your responses to each question will vary but overall should be 700- to 1,050-words in length.

1. Describe the evolution of the field of industrial/organizational psychology. I/O psychology started out in the twentieth century, but continues to evolve as organization change and how employees change. In the beginning, I/O psychology was an experiment to apply new psychology findings to organization problems. Different places in the world applied I/O psychology for different reasons. For example, the United States I/O psychology was used toward job efficiency and performance, but the United Kingdom used it to help with employee health and fatigue. Over the past half century it grew to what it has become today and covering many aspects of the organizational field. In the twenty-second century I/O psychology now covers both college professors and practicing I/O psychologists. Professors write textbooks, mentor students, teach courses, and write research papers. Practicing I/O psychologists analyze jobs, designs employee performance systems, design training programs, and implement organizational changes (Spector, 2012).

2. Explain why industrial/organizational psychology should be considered a science. Include an explanation of how descriptive and inferential statistics are used in I/O research. I/O psychology is considered a science because when improving organizations it has to do with research and studying results. I/O is considered a science because it is the scientific study of humans in the workplace. The scientific study includes how people behave in certain positions or how groups of people with handle different job...
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