I`M a Stranger Here Myself Essay

Topics: Drive-in theater, United States, Change Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 8, 2011
Teodora Marinescu 10th Grade American Literature I`m A Stranger Here Myself

In the book I`m A Stranger Here Myself , the author, Bill Bryson reminisces about

the shock he had upon his return to America. He finds returning to his homeland a little unsettling because he left as a young man and returned married with children, making the adjustment even harder on him. In each chapter he tries to show the change over time that has occurred in the U.S. ever since he moved until now and subtly and lightheartedly criticizes the new ways of the Americans. ! To express the changes he noticed, he frequently uses stories and conversations

with his children. This way, he can perfectly show the two perspectives in a dynamic mode and the reader can understand for himself what Bryson means, while also being able to enjoy Bryson`s sarcasm. The author gives an example of a time when he and his family where deciding where to rest and take a break from their journey, Bryson wanted to stay in an “old fashioned family establishment”, just like he used to do when he was young. However, everyone else “thought this was an immensely stupid idea[...] they wanted to stay at a Comfort In”, just like they were used to, in the modern society. ! Bryson uses in his examples triviality which is found in his essays about the post

office, drive-in movie theaters and of course motels. The reason he uses such simple examples is so that the reader can relate and find that he and Bryson have similar

thoughts about the theme. This way the humor is created, the reader enjoys finding common problems and ideas, therefore creating a bond between himself and the author. In his book, Bryson also likes to criticize the Americans for some of their ridiculous ideas, such a the importance given to the cupholder and “wall steamers that failed to take the wrinkles out, but had the wallpaper fall off”. He realizes people tend to get so caught up with these thing and don`t see how useless and how...
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