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ILM Level 3 Certificate in Effective Management.

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M3.10 & M3.36

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Organisation and Team Purpose
Nexus are Tyne and Wear’s Passenger Transport Executive. It administers funds on behalf of the Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority. Nexus serve a population of approximately 1,104,100

Corporate vision.
To improve the quality of life of everyone in Tyne and Wear, by creating better transport networks. Nexus vision is a high quality public transport system that meets customer’s needs by offering alternatives to the car, to contribute to the economic success of Tyne & Wear and the improvement of the quality of life of its residents. To provide a vibrant public transport system that is safe, convenient and easy to access.

Corporate strategy.
To plan, promote, procure and deliver public transport to improve the economic prosperity of Tyne and Wear and people’s lives.

Plan for the future by striving to create the travel networks people will use in decades to come. Our team work in the Customer Services section of the Service Delivery department.

Our teams vision.
To assist in providing a vibrant public transport system that is safe, convenient and easy to access. The teams core values.
Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency & Excellence.
Vision and strategy are vital to assist in linking the whole of Tyne & Wear into an integrated transport system that benefits everyone living in and visiting the region.We have a network of Travel shops, our Website and Call Centre to help us achieve this. The Vision and the Strategy that Nexus have for our customer services team can be summarised in our 4 Core values which are;

Safety, Courtesy, Efficiency and Excellence.

The common goal for my team as part of that Vision & Strategy means everything a customer experiences during their journey, which could include the quality of information we provide, to the high standard of environment we provide at a bus or Metro station, and the way customer complaints or suggestions are dealt with. In order to deliver consistently good customer service to a high standard, means we all need to understand the part we play in delivering the organisations vision.

Managers incorporate the strategy into the team objectives of, 1 Providing polite high quality customer service to the traveling public. 2 Regulating bus movements and bus allocations within the bus stations. 3 Liaising with stakeholders.

4 All aspects of the bus infrastructure maintenance.
5 Responsibilities for health and safety of the staff and customers. Teams objectives, team purpose and Nexus strategies are communicated when staff have their induction and during a monthly core briefing and 1-2-1’s. Monthly meetings and the monthly 1-2-1are alternated so I speak to staff at least every two weeks and this provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce the importance of the overall organizational vision and the teams role towards achieving our objectives. The Nexus strategy is also included as part of the Key Work Objectives that are incorporated into the Achievement. Behavior. Contribution (A.B.C) process.

The A.B.C process is a yearly procedure where organisation objectives and service standards are explained and agreed with staff. Performance is monitored and reviewed as part of the monthly 1-2-1’s and are formally reviewed every six months. During one to one’s managers ask for and receive feedback from staff about how achievable they feel objectives and strategies are, and how they perceive their progress towards them. I encourage honest feedback from staff about my delivery...
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