I Wish I Could See Grandpa Again

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I Wish I Could See Grandpa Again

My Grandpa was a very good man. He died at 90 years old this past year. I wasn’t as close to him as I should have been, but his character showed me what a true man he was. It really touched me to see the things that he stuck to in his life and the things he believed in that meant so much to him.

My Grandpa took some part in World War II; he flew the P90 fighter airplane. He was stationed in Oregon during the war and was just about to be shipped out, but the war happened to end right before he was to be shipped out. Much of his character was relevant to his military experience, but some was just in the nature of fun.

One major thing that really touched me was when he was in the military, his friends tried to convince him to drink and smoke. But because of his belief to really stick to the things that he didn’t want to get in to, he said no to them every time. He never drank or smoked in his entire life. What a true man, standing for what he thinks is right. I can’t come anywhere close to the way my grandpa was, but it’s just a motivation to strive for the things that I should expect out of myself.

Everyone that came to his funeral, knew nothing bad of my grandpa, and could only say good things about him. What a true loving and caring person he was to them. His presence was enjoyed any moment he would walk into the room.

The only thing I regret is that I never got to know him that well. I know his advice and experience would greatly help me out in ways that I could never achieve on my own. My Grandpa was a great man, and even from all of this, his actions still made an impact on my life. I just wish I could see him one more time.
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