I Will Never Forget This Day

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The day I will never forgets

When I was a little kid, my mom always used to pamper me well,she toughts me how to cook, she toughts me how to ride a bicycle and even bought me a brand new phone. My mom was really good to everyone. But oneday her friends were smoking and they told my mom to do they same, my mom was low tempered, so she also followed what they were doing, but day was the day she started smoking , in her whole entired life she never smoked. But oneday she gots really sick. She couldn’t do anything, she couldn’t walk. She couldn’t talk. So what I did was I used her phone to call the doctor and told him that my mum needs help so he should come to my house right now and I showed him the directions. Later, the doctor tested her blood and told me my mum has cancer he cant do anything cause cancer cannot be cured. i cried and cried until the nextday. The nextday I tried my best to do fasting, I prayed and prayed. I told my mum that don’t worry your sickness will be cured in the blood jesus. i also told her that everthing I says shes should say it after me. so I prayed for her and she said it after me. the next day she was cured and everthing was okay. She thanked me over and over again. After that she never smoked again and started the pentcost church.
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