I Will Never Forget the Day

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Journal 3: i will never forget the day

i will never forget the day I peed on myself. I had "show and tell," that friday. i wus really shy and scared of public speaking. I did not have to present until after lunch. Lunch time came and i was feeling really dehydrated after running in P.E., so i decided to drink my apple juice and ask four other kids for theirs too. by the time my food and great conversations with my classmates was over, i completely forgot about my presentation. when we made it to the classroom, my friend Jack had to present before me. towards the ending of jack's presentation my nerves kicked into super gare. my heart racing, sweaty palms, weak knees and to top it all off i had to suddenly use the restroom. jack finished presnting his amazing car collections and everyone applauded him, epecially all the girls. Now it was my turn to take the stand and present my pet lizard, spotty. the teacher called my name; as i stood up and froze for a minute, out of no where laughters filled my ears and pointing fingers were in sight. all the kids were screaming and hysterically laughing at me saying, "Alex peed his pants!" With a blink of an eye I was outside the classroom embarassed. the teacher called my mom to bring me some pants to change into. after i changed my teacher told me I didn't have to present at all, but as a brave kid that i was trying to be i got the nerve to present my lizard,"Spotty," to the class, eventhough everyone laughed at me when a warm water spot presented its on my pants.
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