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Topics: Tropical rainforest, Rainforest, The Blue Lagoon Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 21, 2013
I watched a film 'Blue Lagoon' with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, when I was a little boy. I also watched many other films, which included magic scenery of tropical islands, wild tropical rain forests, colorful wild animals and plants, beautiful and rich coral reefs, crystal clear water, always laughing local inhabitants.

I have created many such heavenly, tropical retreats in my mind (imagination) for the times, when I was passing through many real problems of modern hectic and very demanding life style, which sometimes doesn't allow you even to breath properly. These little oasis of tranquility have been often helping me to continue my life-journey, even though, the situation had been very critical and even live threatening, sometimes. , Mauritius had been preparing another pleasant surprise for me. There is a natural park with more than 75 different sorts of palm trees. Truly amazing garden resort, where we can spent some very nice time. Mauritius is also a home to many interesting animal species from tinny, fast, colorful geckos to huge and gracious whales.

I could switch to the silence of such moments or to the bird singing backgrounds of warm tropical gardens in my mind, almost instantly, and I am starting 'to suck new life energy', motivation, joy to change my current bad mood into something much more positive and feel-good.

Mauritius was and still is the Island of my dreams. There, I'd spent my best holidays ever, and I am going to regularly return to that Exotic Tropical Miracle in Indian Ocean for the rest of my life.

Just a thought about warm, green, charming Mauritius provides me with new, fresh energy and power, which I need in the big City of Durban to stay cool, calm, always smiling and ever inspiring to people around me, in-spite of traffic congestion everywhere, bad air, bad weather, crime and gang culture. I do dream about Mauritius!
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