I Was a Bookworm

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  • Published : October 14, 2008
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It was a Friday afternoon, and I was waiting for my Math class to start. The students sitting around me were talking about a big party that a girl had that night. A guy sitting next to me asked me if I went to the party. Before I could answer him, he broke in and said that I would probably go home, do my homework and read a book all night. That Friday is one time I remember very well because being stereotyped limited what I could do and distorted who I am. I felt similar to Cofer in “ The Myth of the Latin woman : I just met a girl named Maria ” when she was misread because of her Hispanic appearance.

Just because I wasn’t at the party, it bothered me that my classmate assumed I would be at home studying. His assumption ,as I see it ,was caused by the characteristic associated with the stereotype of a bookworm. A bookworm is a person who does well at school, always has his homework completed and likes reading at the library. People wrongly think that everyone who wears a thick eyeglass and unattractive clothes is a bookworm. If getting good grades, wearing a thick eyeglass or being quiet makes me a bookworm, then I guess I am one, at least according to my classmates consider. Cofer, who was stereotyped due to the media-engendered conception of her as a Latin woman, says: “The myth of the Hispanic menial has been sustained by the same media phenomenon that made "Mammy" from Gone with the Wind America's idea of the black woman for generations; Maria, the housemaid or counter girl, is now indelibly etched into the national psyche. The big and the little screens have presented us with the picture of the funny Hispanic maid, mispronouncing words …”. In the same way, television and movies have helped contribute to an unattractive picture of people who’re considered a bookworm. Some examples are geeky Screech from the 1989-1993 teen comedy series “Saved by the Bell”, a honors student Carol from “Growing Pains” and Steve Urkel (also known as a stereotypical...
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