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Topics: Mind, Good and evil, Evil Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: March 13, 2013
As in the book “Scarlet letter” Hester is judge by adultery and is seeing as someone

bad. In my opinion I believe that if someone comes from a bad environment, that doesn’t

mean that person is bad or is dangers. There’s a lot of different people out in the world and

Some people actually release what’s bad and what’s good. If you’re a good person, people

will admire you if you are a good person, and you should feel good about yourself for it.

We may fall short every once in a while, but our parents taught us right from wrong, and it's

going to take a lot to make those people lose sight of that.

What causes someone to become a good or bad person? I like to determine whether a

person is good or bad based on their actions and how they treat people around them. Not

only family/friends but strangers as well. I like to think that good people have good hearts

with good intentions and bad people have hearts and minds solely for themselves. After all,

most crimes are acts of utter selfishness. Religion makes good people do bad things. Most

people are capable of extreme evil if the environment around them suggests its good, religion

is just one good example that can shape the environment for that to happen there are

obviously others.

People do change from bad to better and better to worst. For example, some ways

that people change from bad to better is by learning from a mistake they have made in their

past. Learning a lesson I will say. They think about it and mind concluded that they want to

be someone better in life. Another reason would be also, having a new member in the family

just become a new person just to see your family happy and spend some good time with

them. One reason for someone to become better to worst is for example getting hurt so many

Times in a relationship. That person would no longer handle being that nice person they

once were because a lot has happen to that...
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