I Want a Wife

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“I Want a Wife” was a humorous piece that also made a serious point about women who played the role of wives doing many helpful things for husbands and, usually, children without anyone realizing. Still less did anyone acknowledge that these “wife’s tasks” could have been done by someone who wasn’t a wife, such as a man or a maid/butler. The short story written by Judy Brady about her views on a wife and how a wife should act was a classic in my eyes. In Brady’s story she discussed her previous experiences of husband and wives through her male friend; and how she feel a wife should be completely different and much more supportive to her husband or lover. In my mind Brady asks too much of her wife though such as: work to support us so I can go back to school, keep my house clean and pick up after me, see to it that my personal things are where I can find them when I need them, take care of the babysitting arrangements, be sensitive to my sexual needs, But do not demand attention when I am not in the mood, do not bother me with complaints about a wife’s duties.

When I dream of my wife I imagine her to be supportive, loving, and capable of fulfilling all my needs. I don’t want my wife to be labeled as my slave; just my friend and lover. I want a woman I can tell everything and live problem free. One who’s independent and thinks nothing but positive and motivational stuff. I want a pure beautiful wife one I can look at when I’m down and automatically smile or not have to worry about attitude unless it’s that time of the month for her. As I reread the story I feels as if me and Judy have a lot of the same wants in a way but Judy is more demanding and outgoing for hers.

The essay fleshed out these duties and listed others. The point, of course, was that housewives were expected to do all these things, but no one ever expected a man to be capable of these tasks. Judy seems to look back on the past and apply the same rules to her wife as there were back then when...
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