I Want to Be a Teacher

Topics: Education, Teacher, Substitute teacher Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: November 30, 2010
All of my life I have been surrounded by teacher’s. Teacher’s that teach all the subjects and teachers that teach only one. I have also been around kids all of my life. I have seen just how important teacher’s are to kids. How they are the foundations of everything the kids learn.

I have chosen to go into the field of education because I want to be one of those teachers that get kids ready for life. Having little cousins to watch grow up and see them grow in their education has shown me that I want to be part of that. I want to be the teacher to teach kids their numbers and ABC’s. I love the thought of being the first person to get the kids started with their education. Helping them along the way with anything I can.

Some positive experiences I think I will have as a teacher is seeing my students grow as the year goes along. Another experience I could have is making a lasting expression on one or many of my students. Even being someone that they can come to with anything. Along with making a difference in children’s lives one way or another. But most of all just having my students come to class and have a smile on their faces, seeing them happy and learning will be the best experience of all.

Along with positive experiences I know ill face challenges also. Some challenges I might face as a teacher is children having trouble with what we are working on. Along with a child having a rough time at home and acting out in class. Even a student not liking me can be a challenge for me. I know that at times students wont like their teachers and that can be a real challenge.

Some assets I bring to teacher is my kind heart. With my kind heart I am always looking for ways to help someone. If a student is having trouble I will be more than happy to help. Another asset is I’m a patient person. I have a lot of patience and that can be helpful on a frustrating day. I love children and I think my love for them would be another asset. Because I show kids I care, I...
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