I Want Super Powers

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Ryan Beirne
Professor Wells
“I Want” Essay
October 9th, 2012
Word Count: 542
I Want Super Powers
I am a normal human being. I go to school. I go to work. I have my hobbies and my activities, but a part of me wants more. No longer do I want to stay bound to this Earth by gravity. No longer do I want this normal, average strength. No longer do I want to stand by and watch the world slip away into more bleakness and despair. I want super powers.

How many times a day, do you wish that you had super powers? I know it happens at least a dozen times a day for me. And that’s on a slow day. Whenever I need to lift a heavy object, BOOM, super-strength would handle that. Anytime I needed to go somewhere, KAPOW, flight would be my answer. I don’t just want normal, stereotypical powers. I want the power to create my own powers. For any occasion or for any circumstance, I would be prepared.

Think about it, the ability to craft powers around the situation would be perfect. Didn’t type your paper till the last minute? Super-speed has you covered on that; and that paper would be done in just a few short seconds. Don’t know the answers to the test? Mind read everyone in the class to pool the correct answers together. Or just read the teacher’s mind. The possibilities are endless and that’s why I want super powers.

Who wouldn’t use these powers for personal use? I, myself, am an avid comic book reader, but hardly do I believe these do-gooders are only using their powers to fight crime. I would use it to help myself but I would also take up the path of being a hero. I wouldn’t just fight crime. I would fight poverty. I would fight world hunger. I would fight intolerance. I would fight genocide. I would fight all the big baddies facing our world today. If there was a physical way to fight the recession, I would fight that too.

I would try my hardest to help the world through my super powers. But as comics have shown us, as well as the movie, The Incredibles, people...
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