I Wanna Be a Billionaire

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THE SET OF QUESTIONS ARE DESIGNED TO USE FOR ALL CASE STUDIES. 1. according to your case study as chosen, you are required to do SWOT Analysis by using the information mentioned in case study. Strengths

* Location
Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris located in the so called Golden Triangle which the most fashion areas, located in an older part of city, near the Louvre and the historical Tuileries Gardens. It is convenience to visit the Paris and attract who wants to shopping. It has the aura of the historical city to attract tourist. * Quality of service and facility

Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris use top quality of furniture for decoration. Each room provides many facilities such as a large desk equipped with high-speed Internet access. It makes customers feel more comfortable while they stay at hotel. * Good Staff

Staffs of Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris were fluent in more than 15 languages. Staffs are ever-smiling personnel. The management emphasized interdepartmental communication to and respect for internal customer. It makes customer impression. * Strong Brand

Hotel Four Season George V Paris lay in its strong brand recognition, due in part to the exclusive quality available at all of available at all of its properties worldwide. It make customer luxury and confident to stay in this hotel. * Excellent Restaurant

The restaurant Le Cing, which has been awarded 3 Star Michelin for three consecutive years, serves fine French cuisine in an elegant décor. It attracts customer to go this restaurant and have good experience.

* New Staff
Hotel Four Season George V Paris had been newly hired. Staffs have low experiences, weak knowledge about products, some of low innovation. It may have many problems later. * Image of hotel
Hotel Four Season George V Paris has old-fashioned image by décor completely redesigned, and the valuable collection of old furniture was restored. It make customer look the hotel isn’t fashionable. * Limitation of meeting and function space

Hotel Four Season George V Paris has less extensive of function space than other competitors. Opportunity
* Located in fashionable sector
Locate in Golden Triangle which the most fashion areas, can attract group of incentive groups and shopper because they have more convenience to travel to their fashionable sectors and save time for travel to destination. * Growth of industry

Hotel Four Season George V Paris can gain benefit from this factor. Good for hotel to get more customers. Because customers will come rather than before if economic situation is good. Threat
* New Competitor
The new Park Hyatt Paris was a strong brand with efficient distribution channels; enjoy a clear position in the American market which has stolen some of the wealthy American clientele away from Hotel Four Season George V Paris. * Events

According to the Iraq conflict situation and SARS situation have a banning effect on American visits to Paris. I t effects to Hotel Four Season George V Paris, customer of this hotel decrease, too. 2. Review and Identify possible target markets of your business or the prospect segments mentioned in the case study. Discuss how these segments fit with foreseeable marketing opportunity and/or threat as found from SWOT analysis. Targets Marketing of Hotel Four Seasons George V Paris are:

Shopper Groups
High end customer
Incentive groups
Leisure Vacationer and business traveler
Shopper Groups: because the location of this hotel is located the so-called Golden Triangle where most fashionable in Paris. Then this hotel might be attracting these people because of the convenience for shopping. This group of customer might be the foreigner and American tourist who want to shopping brand name cloth, accessory and many things which fashionable. Also, it’s convenience for the customer to spend the time to visit fashionable source. High end customer: This hotel is modern, comfortable,...
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