I "Too" Have a Dream

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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I Too Have A Dream by: Kiara Mayo

I too have a dream, that one day the world will become a better place. This world of ours is full of pain and suffering. I dream that the people will see the thing in the world as the opposite word of absurd. I dream that homelessness and poverty will end. I dream that rapist will stop raping and murders will stop murdering and thefts will stop stealing and killers will stop killing.

I too have a dream, for the USA. The USA one of the wealthiest countries and I want too see do better. I dream that the people in the USA will make it out of the current recession. The dream the government will let gays be married and make abortion illegal. I dream that the government will let people live their lives with out any interferences.

I too have a dream, for Largo High School. I dream that I the generation before now will instill thing within the students so they can foster a sense of appreciation. I dream that students will set goals for themselves because if not then they will have to find a quick fix to make themselves happy. I dream that the students will have a sense of purpose and direction. I dream that each and every person in largo will love them self because their not promised love from anyone but yourself.

I too have a dream, for my family. I dream that my family will review life from a different point of view. I dream they would think beyond Prince Georges County and the state of Maryland. I dream that my family will let me make mistakes and let me learn the hard way. I dream that my family will just understand that I’m different and I learning form doing and not hearing.

I too have a dream, for my self. I dream that I will work for the goals I have set for my self. I dream that I will not entertain the negative thing people do and drama that serves no productive purpose. The most important thing I dream that someday I will walk through life phenomenally. I dream that my dreams will prosper.