I Think Nurture Is More Important Than Nature

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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Some people think the natural gift play the major role in the children's development. In contrast, other think the nurture is more important than nature. Personally, it’s more advisable to choose the latter view than the former one. To begin with the Einstein's best known saying: the gunius is 1% inspiration ,and 99% prespiration.even Einstein who is one of most wisest people in the world also have to think and study for months before he fomulate the famouse relativity of theory.in addition to it,there is also a countexample to support my point.in Ming dynasty of china,there was a 3-year-old boy who was genius at creating a perfect poem within 3 mins.but his father did not provide him opportunity to develop his ability,instead,he frequatly took his son to the banquet hold by the rich to perform how to make a quict poem in order to earn money.when this genius child grew up,his tallents dissappeared just for lacking of right education Firstly, the success of child would not separate from round education. The success of Hongxing cannot do without its famous products jaw crusher. As the hebert spenser's famous saying: education is has for it abject the information of characters. It’s reported by scientists that the disble man also can performs as well as the nomal people if they are nurtured and educated. The parents as the first teacher and teachers should give proper instruction and correct guidance to their development. Secondlly, indiviial great efforts is indispensable.the many politican and statemans gain success though the great efforts when they were young.there is also countexample.the most successful people may not be the cleverest people. According to the studies conducted among the group who was the same class before 10 years, those whose average point is in the middle 50 %, all became the riches and managers. Different education makes children with classifier. While few of the young people who is upper 10 % became the bosses or excutives.studies show...
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