I Stand Here Ironing

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  • Published : April 30, 2007
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"I Stand Here Ironing", is the story about a mother telling moments of her daughter life to social worker, or someone important. The story starts off with someone asking the question of why the mother is not too involved in her daughter life. Ms. Olsen the author of this story does not do the best job of explaining just what is going on in the daughter, "Susan's" life. A lot of the story seems to shift so frequently that it is often hard to tell what is going on. Or seems to present the facts in away that the reader just has a hard time understanding her perspective. Another problem with mistake that Ms. Olsen seems to make with the story is keeping the readers overall attention. The story seems to have a somewhat melodramatic tone, but there is never enough drama or action within the story, to draw the reader in and make them feel as though their part of this world. The story follows a low point like most stories do but the climax of the story is supposed to be where the daughter starts to become somewhat famous in their state area, and the mother seems a little sadden that she could not have done more in her life to maker her a better person in this world. The problem is Ms. Olsen doesn't use her words to let feel or actually see Susan become famous in stead she simply tell you she is. In my opinion Ms. Olsen's, "I Stand Here Ironing", is a chore to read that should not be forced on any leisurely reader. The story just drags on to start to finish, and what good is a story if it is not capable of holding the attention of it's audience.
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