I Should Have Listened to My Mum

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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I Should Have Listened To My Mum
-Obedience Is Better!
As I leave the house, my mom yells, "Put your shoes on before you go!" I ignore her, of course, and run out the door and through the wet grass. I can feel mud between my toes until I am finally at the pavement. Wiping the mud from my feet, I jump on my new banana-seat bike. I take a deep breath and start pedaling. As I pass all my friends, smiling and shouting "Hi," I think, What could be better than a nice warm day with the wind blowing through my hair? Looking ahead, I notice a big bump. I push my feet backward to brake and shout, "Ouch! I stubbed my toe." I look down and notice a little blood, so I ride to the gas station and run to the bathroom to wash my toe. "Okay," I assure myself. "That looks much better." Then, out of breath, I hop back on my bike.I decide to show off my new bike, so I go to my friend Ally's house. The first thing she says is, "Can I ride it?"She jumps on and takes a quick spin around the block. "Wow, your bike is really cool!""Yeah, I know! Hey, I have an idea. How about one of us gets on the handle bars while the other drives?" I suggest.

Ally nods, "Okay, but I get to drive because I am older.""Fine, but you have to promise to go slowly and stop when I tell you, okay?"Ally looks up and says, "Okay, I promise I will!" I jump on the handlebars and say, "Okay, I'm ready!" As soon as she starts, I can feel the handlebars wobbling from side to side. Wow, this is scary! I think. Why did I ever come up with this stupid idea? As she picks up speed, I get scared. "Okay, Ally, stop! I want to get off!" She's not listening so I yell "Stop!" She keeps going faster and faster so I decide to jump off. I grab the handlebars and push myself off, and then she stops. My foot gets caught in the spokes and it suddenly has a tingling feeling. I look down and my foot is covered in blood. My pinky toe is on the ground and I am confused for a minute. Then I look up at Ally and shout,...
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