Topics: United States Marine Corps, Military rank, Second Lieutenant Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Joshua Dailey
ENG 122
Essay #3: Justifying an Evaluation
Burning Question: Is the Marines a good option after graduation?

I-Search Source Evaluation:
I looked through many sources for this assignment; talked to a recruiter, discussed what my cousins went through in their own paths, studied the Marine Corp. website and etc. The source that I found most drawn to was the website; it answered all my questions whenever they popped into my head and answered questions I didn’t even have. The convenience of a website now is at your hands any time because of technology and I defiantly utilize this. The biggest question from my burning question was is this for me? I wondered that because every source I found said that Marines or any branch of the Army is not for everyone. The next information I looked for was how can I prepare myself so I succeed in whatever comes my way physically and mentally? Finally I asked what it is going to be like to make a career out of becoming a Marine. I have been going to the gym for the past three months to lose weight and become fit as well as eating a very healthy and nutritious meal. I looked online about the physical requirements I have to pass in order to go to basic. They call it the IST, initial strength test and it tells you what you have to do before you’re able to go to basic and then while at basic they will give you knew requirements and prepare you so you can pass. On the website it tells you exactly what you have to do how many you have to do and the correct way of doing them. By knowing this information I know exactly how I should work on wither it be cardio or strength training or both so when I go to join I know that I can pass and won’t have anything in my way. I also believe this is why they have the information online so it already weeds out people who can and who cannot. Knowing if I can or even want to helps me know wither this is for me or not. I want to be a marine and know it will not be easy and by knowing...
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