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The first element of a marketing strategy is a well defined target Market on which focus marketing efforts. Our principal market is composed by all the student of the universities covered by I-Schedulizer , indeed the application is thought to satisfy their needs. The only requirement to use the application is have a smart phone equipped with one of the following systems: Android or IOS. I-Schedulizer is indicated for all the students of every minor or major, from Business to Engineering, of any year of course and for exchange students.  Another important part of our target market consists of students from the USA college where I –Schedulizer is present. In fact, if they have a smart phones, they can use the service thus improving the management of their schedules and avoid being late to class. Our application can be very useful specially at the beginning of the semester, when students have to plan their schedule, since it allows to have a orderly and clear summary of all classes during a selected period of time. I-Schedulizer is a very powerful instrument to manage class disposition, and with its versatility, it is thought to meet the needs of the students of each university and college. Our application is only at the beginning so there are a lot of margins for improvement and expansion. Theoretically our potential market  is huge. In fact it is composed by all the students of all colleges and universities of USA. Therefore if we could promote and spread rapidly I-Schedulizer, we could have a very big grow in a relative short time.


Our marketing strategy is focused on the social media like Facebook and Twitter. In fact we want to take advantage of the wide diffusion and of the big virtual community of these social network. To do this we think to adopt a viral marketing strategy. Viral marketing is a particular type of marketing in which the customers that are satisfied of a product, in...
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