I, Robot Analysis

Topics: Robot, Isaac Asimov, Robotics Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Premise: The story takes place in 2035 Chicago, in a world in which robots are commonly seen and used as servants. Del Spooner, a Chicago Homicide Detective who believes that robots are a menace to the world, is called by a now dead Roboticist which gave him instructions on how to save the world from an impending coup détat by the NS-5 class robots led by a cybernetic entity known as V.I.K.I. Del Spooner, another robotics expert, and a Robot that has the option to disobey the three laws of Robotics need to work together to expose and defeat a plan that aims at “protecting” the human population form itself. Themes: I, Robot contains several themes including prejudice, transition, short sightedness, political contexts, and other themes. Points of View: When Del Spooner was drowning in the lake (first person). Light and Shadow: Lighting of the tunnels during the first car accident, night lining of Chicago, light shining on old robots within crates. Depth of field: Walking in the alley, Bird eye's view of Chicago (daytime). Pattern and Repetition: Robots in the warehouse that are lined up for departure, Robots climbing skyscraper, cars in parking lot. Reflections and Distortions: Reflections of robotic bodies on skyscraper's windows pane, misty body of Sonny becoming opaque, mist within bathroom's shower color: film mainly uses a dark color palette to represent the movies progressively dark story. Freeze Frame: Frame when Del Spooner discovers Sonny the robot in a heap of parts. Use of rule of thirds when Sonny jumps out of the heap, located in upper right of screen. Your able to view the entirety of the lab .

fluorescent lighting strip is used as a leading line to point towards the center of interest, which is Sonny jumping into the air. Both Del Spooner and a scientist are startled and have their eyes towards Sonny. robotic mannequin, arms and other limbs are pointed towards Sonny, the parts heap, and his landing spot. Lights are dimmed...
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