I Remember

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I Remember ….
My senior year was one of my favorite years to remember because we played so many good games. The games of my senior had to be the best games I feel I ever played in.
It was the first round of the playoffs and my school had Alma-Bryant week one of the playoffs. It was a Sunday afternoon when we first started preparing for our opponent. We practiced hard all week putting out blood, sweat, and tears so that we could be ready when the lights came on Friday night. It was the first game of the playoffs and we were more than excited to play this game. So, the game was finally underway and in the blink of an eye the starters were out the game sitting on the bench. The game turned out to be a blow out something we weren’t expecting.

Week one was in the books and week two was coming up against the Fairhope Pirates. Fairhope had the number one offense in the state, but we had the number one defense in the state so everyone expected it to be a good game. Two great teams hit the field that Friday night and the hunger was going to determine the winner. At the end of the fourth quarter, the score board said we was the team that wanted the win the most.

We’re half way to the state championship with the Daphne Trojans being the 6A defending champs and we had them third round. The Trojans had the number one running back in the state and everyone knew we had been put in a big match. All week at practice we had a scout team group that played a great Daphne team that had us more than prepared for the game Friday. Friday was finally here and the stadium was more than packed. That had to been one of the biggest games my school had ever played and we played great. We shocked the city with taking that win and we were off to the fourth round facing a very big rival school at home. The team we had in the fourth round was fairly decent, but that wasn’t a very good match up because they were beat when we first touched the field. We already knew the type of offensive...
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