I Really Wish I Could See My Grandfather Again

Topics: Family, New York, Grandparent Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: October 24, 2012
I Really Wish I Could See My Grandfather Again

The one I really wish I could see again is, my Grandfather Michael Sauro. He was an immigrant from Italy, who was an Air Force Veteran. My Grandfather had raised a great family of five in Syracuse, New York. He was married to my magnificent Grandmother for fifty-three years. He worked up until he was seventy-four years old. My Grandfather was a unique person. Being from a foreign country is a lot different from being in America. After serving in the Air Force and being discharged in 1955 my Grandfather settled down and found an amazing woman, my Grandmother. They had five wonderful kids. I only got to see him several times, because we live in Gulfport, MS and he lived in Syracuse, NY, but when I did get to see him I enjoyed it. He didn’t talk a lot like I do, but when he spoke it had meaning. If he was still alive I would learn so much more from him with raising a family and understand the importance of being dedicated to a profession. I would take after him to keep the legacy going. Everything my Grandfather did had meaning. His five children, including my dad all raised fantastic kids. My Grandfather had a remarkable life, and cherished his family and his work. He is up in heaven with my Grandmother. I could have learned so much more about my Grandfather and his accomplishments. I especially like the way he treated us. He made our bad day’s good and good days better.
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