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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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The short extract from the novel Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard covers the development of the story of a community and family in disbelief of the actions of one of their own. The extract expounds on a community thriving on gossip coupled with queer actions of one of their own. Sampath is introduced later as the protagonist of the story as he is the man who climbed a guava tree and caused his family to follow him there to get him to climb down the tree. The narrator uses appropriate techniques and literary devices in order to portray the main idea of the story. However ironical, the story employs the idea that the main issue would not be Sampath’s actions but his family’s as we come to see that he had reason to run away. In this essay I will explore the various techniques such as tone and pace together with literary devices used by the narrator in developing the main idea of the extract. The narrator uses tone and an extended metaphor in developing the idea that the community’s thrive in drama and gossip would be a cause of concern for those who wouldn’t be interested to do so. ‘The town made most of the drama.’ this opening statement introduces the reader to the fact the community was ever engulfed in drama and passing on the gossip of the day. Initially this would seem as a simple and honest description of the residents of the area; however, the narrator later on expresses the extent to which the residents have been taken over by this habitual chattering. ‘.. An old orchard that had once borne enough fruit for it to be shipped to and sold in New Delhi. But it had been abandoned for many years now, the fruit acquiring the tang of wilderness, the branches growing into each other.’ This statement encompasses appropriate diction proving that the newly found characteristic of gossip riddling in the community had taken the forefront of the community overhauling their past economic activities that defined their society and economy. The use of the phrases ‘tang of...
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