I Really Dont Even Know

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Mind Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The theme that is shown in part of the novel is good vs. evil. This theme shows that Peekay is a good person and will fight against anything evil. I have had similar thoughts to Peekay's ideas regarding religion. I notice that many people (mostly adults) claim how religious they are while they perform acts that do not seem to be religious at all. For instance, several "religious" adults have cheated on their significant other when it is clearly a violation against the Christian religion. The most common offense I see in my age group is teenagers having premarital sex, but they continue to go to church and tell everybody how holy they are. Peekay has had this experience with people who claim to be part of an organized religion, but are misguided in their practice of it. To Peekay these people appear small minded and stupid. This is part of the reason he rejects religion. Meneer Botha, the train conductor who replaces Hoppie Groenwald as Peekay's chaperone, is the first to display a misuse of religion. He appears to be a hypocrite; he calls out others for betting money on the fight, yet he does it too. He quotes scripture but appears not to emulate any virtue from these passages, instead only wrath and vengeance towards others. Peekay's mother is another example of someone who blindly follows religion, and in Peekay's mind, she is diminished from the experience. By firing Peekay's dearly loved Nanny because she refused to take off her "heathen" jewelry, Peekay's mom lacks compassion, tolerance and wisdom; all of which are attributes of most religions, but in Peekay's limited experience of religion these qualities are blunted. Peekay shouts, "The Lord is a shithead!" When Peekay's mom says that the Nanny "...was possessed by the devil." (141) Peekay now has the perception that he won't be "fooled" into believing any sort of religion, mainly because he thinks it justifies hate. Peekay's opinion on religion foreshadows upcoming struggles Peekay will have against evil...
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