I Realised He Was Only Human When...

Topics: Camping, Hunting, Rifle Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: March 9, 2013
I realized he was only human when…

It is our annual camping time of the year, 4 of us, James, Tom, Benjamin and myself will go camping at different campsites every year. It is to foster strong relationship and bond with one another. The campsite was as Woodsville marshlands, it is a quiet and calm forest covering an area of 200 hectares with certain areas of swamp, it is recommended for seasoned campers like us. We spent a week to gather our supplies that contain foodstuffs, a GPS device, first aid box, tents and a hunting rifle for defense.

We rented a caravan and set out before dawn just in time to hike up the small hill amidst the forest to watch the magnificent sunrise. By afternoon we pitched our tents on a flat plain no bigger than a tennis court surrounded by trees. Tom was exhausted and decided to take a nap. Before Benjamin prepared the foodstuffs for tonight’s barbecue, I told him to be careful in handling the big disposable bag of blood red gravy as it is easily burst. James and I decided to walk around the forest to visit the swamp. I brought the GPS device along.

The sky was darkening and we decided to head back to camp. When James and I returned to the campsite, Benjamin was nowhere to be found. At first that did not really alarm us as he could have gone for a stroll too, but when sky was getting dark and I went to look for Benjamin. I took the hunting rifle along. James decided to stay with Tom.

I found Benjamin on the other side of the swamp and asked him why hadn’t he returned. He turned to me and grinned. I told him to go back to camp but he looked down and me and yelled “ Dado!” He stabbed something on the ground. He opened his mouth and yawned. I saw a thick layer of red blood in his mouth and nose, his hands were glazed red too. “Perhaps it is the gravy that is on him,” I thought to myself. He stood still there and then turned around with a large knife. I wanted to cross the small swamp river but then he...
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