I Pledge to Read the Printed Word

Topics: Books, E-book, Printing Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: September 12, 2012
I Pledge to Read the Printed Word

Throughout my life I have taken comfort in sitting down with a good book in a peaceful environment. Not a single person, email, text, or activity can pull me away from a novel that has completely captivated me or possibly saved me from a gloomy day. In my eyes books are something that should never go out of style. It doesn’t matter if they’re fresh off the shelf or are yellowing and aging by the turn of each page. Along with the story-the weighted, tangible, and rectangular object is what completes the ideal reading experience! Although, as the world’s technology sky rockets new forms of “a book” is being produced. Out of convenience and the need for the next expensive thing, gadgets like Kindles, E-Books, and i-Pads are stealing the sacredness of a paperback or hardback novel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and individual likings but I personally could never bring myself to turn the electronic pages of a story off of a screen. My support for the printed word also is support for the book selling industry as a whole. The uprising in digital books is slowly but surely going to diminish our beloved libraries and book stores. Some people may not care but I know that I and many others take refuge in a peaceful bookstore (local or corporate) or enjoy their visits to the library. I would hate to see bookstores shut down because of an invention, because the book stores and libraries are what capture the feeling of a second home for me. It has been this way since as far as I can remember, and I am sure many people can relate. My childhood consisted of many anticipated visits to the library downtown. I also remember when I would curl up with a book and feel like I had the world’s components of romance, humor, suspense, inspiration, and knowledge all in one. I wish the world could view books the way I and many others do. It saddens me when I see people, especially teenagers, cringe at the thought of reading. There is...
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