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Topics: Entity-relationship model, Pivot table, Spreadsheet Pages: 4 (852 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Candidate Name
Giovanni Curmi HSS Naxxar

Name of School

University of MaltaL-Universita' ta' MaltaMATSEC Examinations Board

2013IM19: Information Technology(Intermediate Level)

Database Project

Systems Analysis and Problem Formulation5
Problem Definition5
Client Requirements5
Background of the Problem5
Detailed Requirements List5
Possible Solutions5
Database Design5
Selected Solution5
Entity Relationship Diagram5
Design of Data Validation Rules5
Database Schema5
Test Plans6
Pivot Table6
Test Results6
Proof of Testing6
Evaluation of Complete System7
System Evaluation7
Future Enhancements7
Skills Acquired7

University of Malta
Matriculation and Secondary Education Certificate Examinations Board MAY 2013

Coursework and Project Authentication Form

Private Candidates who intend to present coursework or projects are to fill in and sign this form together with their tutors.
No coursework/project will be accepted without an authentication form.

Fill in the following details using block letters.
Level: SEC/IM/AM [Underline the level]
Subject: __________________________________
Candidate’s Name: __________________________________
Candidate’s Address: __________________________________
Candidate’s ID number:__________________________________
Tutor’s Name: __________________________________
Address where__________________________________
coursework/project was done:__________________________________ __________________________________
Tutor’s ID number: __________________________________

Authentication by Tutor:
I declare that the work presented by the candidate was done under my supervision and that the candidate has received no assistance beyond that which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment.

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