I Love Yous Are for White People

Topics: Abuse, Parenting styles, Bullying Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Jimmy Nguyen
Assignment 1

A memoir from Lac Su, "I love Yous Are for white People"
" I love Yous Are for White People" is a memoir about Lac's journey and his family immigrated to America from Vietnam, after the Vietnam's War. Lac's family had to deal with cultural shock, language barrier, and difficulty finding jobs. As a Vietnamese immigration myself, I feel like Lac's experiences live through me because there were a lot of similarities in his memoir compared to my past experiences with my parents. Lac's family and many immigrations families had the same circumstances, that had a hard time adapting to a new cultural, and establish a new life in America. As the result, this environment played a significant role on family conflict, and add to the authoritarian parenting method. This was impacted greatly on Lac's childhood life as he mentioned throughout his memoir. I believe the author's main message to the reader is that immigrant parents do their best to parent their children the best they can as they transition into a new culture and life in the United States. But the parenting's method sometimes will lead to unhealthy relationship between parents and children. This main message is revealed through many scenes of brutal discipline, emotional reactions, and verbal abuse.

Unlike the Western's culture, Vietnamese immigrant parents use the authoritarian parent method to discipline children and often time it's leading to family conflict that can have a mental impact on children. According to "Perception of Vietnamese Father's Acculturation Levels, Parenting Styles, and Mental Health Outcomes in Vietnamese American Adolescent Immigrants" by Nguyen, Peter V, under "VIETNAMESE ADOLESCENTS AND THEIR PARENTS" section, it states that "Once landed in the United States, these parents must quickly adapt to the new and foreign economic system and immediately attempt to find jobs so they may rebuild their lives and provide for...
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