I Love Traveling

Topics: Paris, Eiffel Tower, Deep Blue Sea Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: October 13, 2011
I remeber when i was young riding a bus going anywhere with my family, we always have a trip every summer, sometimes our trip goes overnight, i can still remeber the cold air that came from the airconditioner, it was so very cold that i have to embrace myself and use a towel as blanket. sometimes the bus that we are riding will stop-over to a bus station. Therer the bus driver, conductor, and the passenger will have time to eat, i remember eating a cup noodle, the heat from it's soup is enugh to comfort me.. and also it satisfied my tummy.

when we got to our destination, you can smell right away the fresh air, the shade of the trees are awesome, the houses that we visited are simple.. but i can see the happy people living inside happy to welcome us. I met new friends and i admit meeting and playing with new friends are fun, they even got delicious foods, and one of my favorite is climbing trees, in prvinces they got a lot of trees, I may look like a monkey, but who cares its fun. Also in those trees, bares a mango fruit, which are very sweet and very delicious. of course the our trip would not be complete if there's no swimming!. The house that we visited is just a ride away to a beach or sometimes a hot spring.. before you swim in a beach, you will first hear the waves of the water, i recommend you to close your eyes and feel the eargasm, while your feeling it, you should also breath in the breaze, inhale it and exhale it.. and then slowly open your eyes and you will see a beautiful view of the deep blue sea and in that moment, picture it to your mind.. and when your in a hot spring you can pretty much do nothing but relax.. and let the warm water make you feel great.

also in provinces they got a lot of ghost and mythical creatures, they got the "kapre", "aswang", "mananangal", "duwende" (elf), and also the so-scary white lady. i remeber there was a time that I find it hard to sleep, my bed was is right next to a big window, and in that window you could...
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