I Love Penaranda

Topics: Actor, Drama, Nueva Ecija Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: January 20, 2013
In the heart of Nueva Ecija lies a peaceful town, Peñaranda Peñaranda is a 4th class municipality in the province Nueva Ecija, Philippines . According to the latest census, it has a population of 26,725 people in 4,940 households. The area was originally called Mapisong, and it was a part of the municipality of Gapan. The area was organized into a municipality by José Maria Peñaranda, a Spanish engineer, and subsequently named after him. Peñaranda was once known for its high quality crop called ikmo, a plant used by older Filipinos as a chewing substance. Recently however, the crop is on the brink of extinction. Rice remains a flourishing farm produce. The people of Peñaranda was really hospitable for that’s what I like in this province. You can see clean environment because of the diligence of the people. You can breath fresh air, drink clean water, and eat delicious foods. There are a lot of beautiful landscapes , the irrigation at San Josef which is promenade of the high school students. Every month of May, Peñaranda residents stage a musical drama called "Araquio", a re-enactment of Christians' quest led by Queen Helena and King Constantine for the Holy Cross where Jesus Christ was nailed. Actors and actresses garbed in colorful and cute costumes dramatize this century old tradition which features swordfights between the Christians and Moors. Be proud peñaranda!among the areas in nueva ecija , ours is stategic. We also produce the best of lawyers, teachers, artists, engineers, etc. Well one of the best province in nueva ecija, the best people, the best puto and kakanin. It’s nice to stay in a place like this. I was born in this place so I am proud. And because of our Mayor Ferdinand Abesamis, this place is becoming progressive and discernible into the other places.The people here have unification that’s why I don’t wanna leave this wondrous place. I believe that this town would not remain little town but someday it would be a large and accessing place where...
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