I Love Myself

Topics: Trigraph, Gh, Love Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: February 8, 2011
...........don't stop SINGING! :)

yeah ryt, i wont start describing myself as a simple gal like most gurls do coz im absolutely not.. i maybe judged based on their first impressions like a socialite,elite, snobish but i cnt do nothin but face it that my facade and physique made me that way.B nice 2 me and il prove ur wrong.

i talk wat i want to say, in short, a frank one.i dont care wat other pipol wud say bout me, at least im giving them ideas to talk about. Im not here to impress sumone coz im not a great pretender juz to please evryone. i am a strong person, so those hu hate me 4 no rison at all, back off jealous bitch! i dont like to mess with others but they are provoking me to mess with them..so try me & i'l rearrange yur face!

i luv to sing with my dearest sisters at videoke bars wen im depressed, it sooths me n forget my probs in love and life.

dancing is my specialty coz it stretches my body to be graceful.

singing is my passion.

i am a friend and a sister to my closest gals.if sumone bumped dem jz bcoz they are jealous nor want to ruin my sisters lives, then i wont step back, il back them up!

i love modeling & beauty pageants,fashion in general, from matchin clothes to makeups.

to summarize evrything, i am just this girl hu is real, nothing is fake, i show wat i have, wen im mad nor happy... a happy go lucky person hu live life to its fullest.. thats VANNA.. no pretentions...
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