I Love My Mother Earth

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  • Published: August 6, 2010
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A common noun names a general person, place or thing.
 examples:     I went to the city.
                        The man was kind.  
A proper noun names a specific person, place, or thing.  Always capitalize the first letter of a proper noun.  
 examples:     I went to San Francisco.
                         Mr. Brown was kind.  

Directions:  Underline the common nouns with a blue crayon.  Underline the proper nouns with a red crayon.  
1.  The house is on Main Street.  (1 common, 1 proper)
2.  Karen played with her sister.  (1 common, 1 proper)
3.  Fran went to Friendly’s Pet Shop.  (2 proper)
4.  The car stopped quickly.  (1 common)
5.  Morgan Boulevard is a busy street. (1 proper, 1 common)  
6.  Michael and his friend chased the kitten.  (1 proper, 2 common)  
7.  Did you see Kevin at the party?  (1 proper, 1 common)  
8.  Laura looked at the stars through her telescope.  (1 proper, 2 common)  
9.  There were no yellow markers in the box. (2 common)
10.  Have you ever eaten a cheeseburger at Burger Planet?  (1 common, 1 proper)  
11.  A young boy found a dollar on the sidewalk.  (3 common)  
12.  Mary sat by the fire and roasted a marshmallow.  (1 proper, 2 common)  
Directions:  Write the word “common” next to each common noun.  Re-write each proper noun correctly.  
13.  alice smith   ______________
14.  carpenter     _______________
15.  dog       _______________
16.  max  _______________
17.  book  _______________
18.  mayberry library  _______________
19.  jupiter  _______________
20.  planet  _______________

The Common Noun

Recognize a common noun when you see one.

Nouns name people, places, and things. Every noun can further be classified as common or proper. A common noun names generalitems. Go into the kitchen. What do you see? Refrigerator, magnet, stove, window, coffee maker, wallpaper, spatula, sink, plate—all of thesethings are...
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