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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Mohammed Alharbi Alharbi 1 Mrs. Oznur
RW 109
25 February 2013

Home schooling
What dose home schooling means? It means teaching children at home. So the education has developed around the world. Also many kinds of education became to help student to learn more and get more information about their subject. So people say the studies at home better than studies in public schools. Even though, some people believe home school provides good opportunity for child development, I don't believe home school education has look of think consider communication , education experience.

Opponent says they want to protect their children from the bad moral behavior in public school. However, I don't believe that there are good moral behavior in public school. So students studying a good moral behavior in public school more than studying at home. Many teachers say that "studies at public school are more useful than study at home". Moreover, the communication in public school allows students get life experience because they always talk with their teachers and communicate with their classmates. Also, the students from public school more social than the students from home school because the students who studies at home doesn't have to communicate with anybody just their teachers and their parents. Also, they don't have friends to play with them that cause they became shy and they can't communicate with the community. Alharbi2

Opponent says a child who studies in home school learn more information than a child who studies at public school. However, I don’t believe that children learn more information in home school because the home doesn’t have everything to learn more information. Also, in public school there are many things that will help children to learn like academic resources, library and lab. Moreover, studies of public are useful. So the child can learn...
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